How to write a good CV

A well presented CV, with relevant information that can be clearly understood, is very important in getting you that interview. We’ve been helping candidates put together CVs for over 45 years and the following are just a few key tips.

  • Your CV should be a maximum of two pages.
  • Try and tailor your CV to each job you are applying for - highlighting the relevant skills and experience you have for the position advertised.
  • Include a brief, personal profile at the beginning of the CV, again tailor it to the job being applied for.
  • Arrange your dates of employment in reverse chronological order your most recent job at the top. Make sure these dates, and those of your education, are clear.
  • Use bullet points to keep your employment history easy to read and interesting - give an overview, don't get bogged down in minor detail.
  • Ensure you account for all breaks in employment - your prospective employer will always wonder about gaps so give honest reasons.
  • Clarify IT skills and experience of different packages - especially those not covered in your qualifications.
  • Use a standard font and keep your CV design simple.
  • Make sure you proof read your CV for spelling errors, typos, grammatical mistakes and incorrect dates.